"A long tradition in the production of ceramic stoneware tiles in the meeting with the research and experimentation of new styles for contemporary living"

Ceramic evolution

the company EURL FC CERAM has a strong experience in the field of ceramic design and manufacture, engaged since the year 2015 or the creation of the first ceramic unit saw the light, it is developed in the creation, the innovation of the new models on the basis of terracotta in a product of the high range. our efficient and environmentally friendly products integrate functional and aesthetic solutions in harmony with the architectural heritage. Over the years, our efforts have been and are always focused on developing our production tools, enriching and expanding our product range and being responsive to customer needs. our profession of ceramics is finally and above all, the enthusiasm and passion of all our staff, managers, technicians and workers, in the action we live at every moment with and for our customers..

Soigner le lieu qui le rend possible

Chez FCCERAM, nous croyons fermement au respect et à la protection de l’environnement, car c’est la plate-forme à travers laquelle nous pourrions continuer à faire ce que nous faisons..
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An adequate structure in companytion

Industrial unit for the production of ceramic tiles for coating wall. created in 2009 with a workforce of 185 employees, located in setif industrial zone, setif wilaya, the unit is considered as one of the most productive units in quantity and quality different formats (300 x 600 - 250 x 600) mm. approach quality in the company was adopted as soon as the production unit has been put into operation which is reflected in a management system quality which allows the company to organize itself and obtain a quality management system certificate according to the standard ISO 9001 v 2008 normative in 2012 and the two-year renewal consecutive, (2013 and 2014). in 2016 and [...]

Take care of the place that makes it possible

At FCCERAM, we firmly believe in respecting and protecting the environment, because it is the platform through which we could continue to do what we are doing. If we don't do not know the world around us, we will not be able take care of the people who live there, our customers being our top priority to meet their demands. Our environmental policy as a company is based on sustainability of products, by integrating its continuous improvement of quality and ensuring the efficiency of working practices and the environmental Protection. We adopt the control of work risks and a policy of safety against environmental impacts. We believe that respect for our Algerian cultural symbols is essential, and this while preserving the essence that makes us unique. Being responsible with the environment and society is not a imposed obligation, it is a necessity, therefore, we must be transparent with those who trust us.


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